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 [GM] RedSun

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PostSubject: [GM] RedSun    Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:06 pm

Name (Full Name ) :
Kriz Lawrence A. Geraldizo

Age :
16 yrs old , october 7-1995

E-Mail :

Gender :

Country :

IGN (in-Game Name ) :

How long do you stay online ? :
In Weekdays , 4 -5 hours. In Weekends im online 24 hours.

How long have you been in Extremegamers ? :
I am new in this community. Ronnie invited me in here.

What can you do (As a Game Master ) ? :
Being a GM is not an easy job. You have to be more careful with your decisions. If i will become a GM. I will do my job as a Game Master. I will help our beloved staff team manage the game very well. I will banned hackers , mute spammers ,and report glitchers. I can also help our players in leveling and questing. Teach them some basic moves if i have to. I will do my best to become a good GM to them.

Why we should choose you ? :
Its because ,Iam Loyal , kind and open- minded person. Also , I am matured enough to handle/ solve problems. I have already experience being a staff in other private gunz. If you will choose me to become a GM in this community. I can assure you that i will never leave IG. I will do my best and i wont let you down.

What you will do if you are rejected :
If my application well be rejected. Still , i will do what i have to do to make this community more wonderful. I will stay and support this community.

Would anyone recommend you ?
Yes , because i am kind and good.

Experiences as a staff :
I already experience being a staff in other Private servers(before the server crushed down). I did my job as a staff and all of our players liked me. I became a staff in Shadow Gunz(before they got attacked) and computer Gunz.

Proof ( of being a staff / of your work ) :
Here is the link(Head Staff)

Biography ( something about yourself ) :
I am Kriz Lawrence A. Geraldizo , 16 years old. I am a matured, kind , loyal , respectful and open-minded person. I love playing Shooting games , especially Gunz. I really love playing Gunz, actually gunz is my favorite game. People can trust me.
Any other comment you have for us ? :
Thanks for reading my application and i hope you'll like it. I am sincere on what i am doing.
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PostSubject: [GM] RedSun   Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:37 am

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[GM] RedSun
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