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 Application: Intuitive

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PostSubject: Application: Intuitive   Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:48 am

Real Name (Optional):

Forum name:

In-Game name:

Names people can call you:


Date of birth (Optional):
March 18th, 1996.

(UTC-05:00) Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada).

Country / State:
United States, New York.

E-mail (Optional):

What language(s) do you speak/write?:
English, Korean (A bit), Japanese (Currently Learning), Bosnian, Spanish.

Which job you want to apply for:
I would like to Apply for GM, possible FM if I make it possible.

Why do you want to apply for the job:
Well, this is unfortunate, I don't really like doing this but, usually my first post isn't usually an application for a GM application, I would usually get to know the community a little more before doing so, but yeah.. this is sort of unusual for me to start off the forums like this, my posts will progress though. Back on Topic ; I would like to apply for GM/FM "job" because I really hope to get to know the staff more, and grow a relationship with the Community itself. Any normal player would be like ''Oh I can help stop hackers and keep this server safe.'' I could even do that without the power of banning people and the authority to do so.

Previous experience with the job:
My Experience with GM/FM aren't that much. With GM, I've been a GM in MeccaCorp/GunZ but it only lasted for a while. I also worked as a FM in PokeGunZ and also in many other sites aswell not relevant to GunZ. I have no other previous experiences but you got to start from somewhere and you learn from others to progress. You need to be bad to be good in something, and this is a perfect oppourtunity to learn more about being a GM in a GunZ Private server.

How much can you be online in-game per day:
Well, I can be on all day after 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. I get home at That time only during Monday through Friday. On the weekends, I have church. Most of the time I do go, sometimes I do not, I usually leave at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time on saturdays and 2:30PM ish, Eastern Standard Time and get home varies on when the church is done.

How much can you be online on MSN / YM / AOL / Vent / Skype etc. per day:
AIM: timelesshero768
I'm usually on all day on MSN/AIM because I like talking to people through those messengers but If It's during the day time I will not respond till I get home from whatever I'm doing on that day.

About yourself:
There are many thing about myself. Even though I'm European in origin, I really love Asian culture and I admire it with a passion. I go to church as Stated, also I'm a computer geek at heart. This Friday I will get a Xbox360 with 1 year live and Black ops, so People could add my Gamertag for any further help if I can't be reached through the Instant Messengers/Emails. Even though I have bad character I'm currently changing it. As I said you need bad for to be good, and change doesn't take a week/month it takes probably years to fix most likely months but I'm getting there.

Your last words:
My last words would be, as this community grows bigger and bigger if I become a part of Infected GunZ Staff, I hope to be a really Great GM in my perspective. Everyone does something wrong and I hope to correct my wrong doings through discipline or punishment. Even though I don't get the job I won't quit just because I didn't get it but It gives me another shot at it to correct what I did wrong.

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Application: Intuitive
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