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 FM/GM Application. TrueRain

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PostSubject: FM/GM Application. TrueRain   Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:17 am

Real Name (Optional): Daniel Lee

Forum name: TrueRain (truecolors202)

In-Game name: TrueRain

Names people can call you: Dan, Daniel, Rain.

Age: 17

Date of birth (Optional): June 12, 1993

Timezone: -10 GMT

Country / State: Hawaii, Oahu

E-mail (Optional):

What language(s) do you speak/write?: Korean, English, and a bit of Japanese

Which job you want to apply for: Forum Mod, or GM incase.

Why do you want to apply for the job: I am experienced with previous Forum mod position. and GM with the same reason but different.

Previous experience with the job: For GM, i have been a Real Time GM back in K-gunz for about a year and i resigned as a Honorary Staff member.
my Staff Profile is kept with the Owner of K-gunz, which i have no access to it.

How much can you be online in-game per day: 5-8 hours depending on the day.

How much can you be online on MSN / YM / AOL / Vent / Skype etc. per day: all day long. online and ready to go.

About yourself: you can say i'm not the type to be messed around with but i can say that i will be hyper, active, and be very talkative most of the times, i can probably be friends to anyone, no matter who they are, need assistance? call my name.

Your last words: i would like to dedicate my service to this server to make it grow. and i will stick to it, and if you can't believe my words, that's up to you to believe.

Call my name if you need any assistance. Forums, or in game.

Thank you.
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FM/GM Application. TrueRain
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